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The Character Nursery Room

by Andy Nguyen
(Houston, Texas)

The Character Nursery Room

The Character Nursery Room

I got the idea for Truitt's Character Nursery Room from the exciting "Another Sommer-Time Story" character-building books. They teach positive and character building traits. I started working on the bookcase first. Then I painted a sky with clouds on the ceiling. I painted the walls yellow and then added characters from the books.

the character nursery room

the character nursery room

The cloud picture on the ceiling has about 140 small and large glow in the dark stars on it.

the character nursery room

I built the bookcase and stained it a cherrywood color. It has 1.5 inch flexi-glass in the front to hold in the books. I screwed the frame to the wall. The two shelves in the corners are from IKEA, and the hat stand was from a garage sale.

the character nursery room

I got the crib from a garage sale then found the dresser and changing table on Craigslist. I painted all three items a neutral color. We will repaint them with new colors when we have our second child. We haven't had a baby shower yet . It is scheduled for September 19th, so we don't have any crib bedding or accessories yet.

the character nursery room

The clock you see on the wall was taken apart so that I could put Mr. Sunshine in it and paint the frame.

the character nursery room

The final touch was outfitting the closet. I heard that some kids are scared of the closet, so I made it more pleasant by stapling posters to the closet wall. I got them free from a paper company.

the character nursery room

It took me four months to finish the character nursery.

Thank you for letting me show off my baby room. My wife said it was my room to do with as I wished, and this is what I came up with! Truitt will be born in about two more months, October 25th to be exact, or maybe not exact??

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Oh my goodness!!!!
by: Anonymous

You and your wife have done an amazing job with this and I know it will be enjoyed by all who see and get a chance to visit. You have been blessed with all sorts of gifts from your marriage to the baby and knowing how to make your house and home for your family.

Truly Amazing
by: Anonymous

You did an amazing job on Truitt's room. He will experience a new adventure every day when he opens his eyes. Great closet idea. I like your choice of colors, they will bring about a calm spirit.
Ingrid H.

Just Beautiful
by: Carolyn T.

You have outdone yourself, the room is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful nursery to bring a baby home to.

Made with Love
by: Anonymous


It is apparent that you enjoyed creating this beautiful room for your son Truitt. I am so happy that you shared it with all of us to see. My best wishes to you and your lovely family. Make sure to sent pictures once your bundle of joy arrives!!!

Martha Salazar-Zamora

by: Lisa :)

This the first time I have had the opportunity to look at it.................OH MY GOSH!!!! It is absolutely beautiful! What a lucky baby!!! You did this all yourself???? You are soooooooooooooo talented.

Thank you for sharing!

by: Sandra D.

I love the bright colors!

by: Sandy R

Truitt is going to love this room. Your creativity shines and the nursery shows it.

Dedication with talent and love
by: Prescott

What a monument to your love and dedication to your new child! It is truly an incredible room. The only improvement left to make now is to bring in that lucky baby. Great Job!!!! Even the closet is beautiful.

by: Anonymous

Truly a wow room. Beautiful!

by: Jennifer O

The room is so cute - you did an awesome job on it.

Out of This World!!!
by: Janice H.

Truitt is a very lucky little fellow to have you as a dad. You are awesome and the nursery is out of this world!!!

by: Candi

WHAT????!! No one tells me anything!! Not only did I not know you were this talented, I didn't even know you were expecting. So of course, I didn't know you were naming your son after Teresa's husband (Ha).

Andy, this is so beautiful! I had no idea you illustrated children's books! I did a mural for my granddaughter's room when she was born, but now I know it wasn't very good.
Thank you so much for sharing. I am blown away!

So Beautiful!!!
by: CT

The room is beautiful, Truitt is very lucky, you will be a wonderful dad.

by: K

Wow... that is amazing!!!!

Wonderful room!
by: LW

This is truly an amazing room! Truitt is a lucky little boy to be able to "live" in this room. You are so talented. You should advertise and do this for a living. Thanks for sharing this.

by: Anonymous

This is an awesome baby room. Wish I could have had something like this for my kids when they were born.

Very Talented!

Extra-ordinary Creativity
by: Darlene B

WOW!!!!! Amazing

Your creativity is inspiring. The room should be in pictures.

by: Yo

This is the most incredible room I have ever seen. The artist's vision is so unique, awesome and creative. What a great room for any baby to start his life!!

Great Baby Room
by: K thornton

Your baby will love this room! Great job!

by: Anonymous S

WOW!!! Truly a great nursery! I can see many happy hours spent in here!

by: Anonymous

This has got to be one of the most creative, well thought-out and best painted rooms I have ever seen. The colors and characters chosen are just perfect for a child's room. Awesome job!!

by: Anonymous

Absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Great job!!!!! Truitt is going to love his room!!!!!!


Great Baby Room
by: Kay

Lucky Baby! What a great room!

by: Anonymous

This is an amazing nursery!!! The artist is so creative and awesome....Truitt will be so happy being in this nursery! Way to go Dad!!!!

by: Carolyn L.

Awesome room. A lot of love went into creating this special room. Truitt is blessed with wonderful parents.

by: Anonymous

Looks Great!! What a lucky kid.

Thanks for Sharing The Character Nursery Room
by: Helen

Thanks for sharing - it looks awesome!

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