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Rainforest Nursery

by Courtney Clayton
(Midland, Texas, USA)

Rainforest Nursery

Rainforest Nursery

My rainforest nursery was inspired by the Fisherprice Rainforest Line of Baby Items which I fell in love with prior to becoming pregnant. From that point on I knew this was going to be my first baby's nursery.

I used lots of paint colors: 3 different Greens, Blue (dark & light), Yellow, Black, Brown and Cream. Everything was hand painted.

I used a projector to display the images on the walls. It was then positioned and traced. Once everything was drawn, I painted the grass and animals. My husband helped paint the base coats on the walls (top-blue, bottom-green), My sister came down one weekend and painted the Eyes, Noses and Mouths on the characters. I did everything else myself.

I bought a Baby Appleseed crib and the Fisher-price Rainforest crib bedding.

The lamp in our nursery was given to us at a shower - I'm not sure where it was purchased.

We started off by storing most of the stuff on the shelves in the picture, but once our son arrived we realized it wasn't as functional as we'd hoped, so we then stored all excess items in his closet.

It took about 2 weeks to finish the nursery - while working a full time job. I thought it was very easy, but I truly enjoy being detailed and creative. I had a lot of fun doing my son's nursery even though halfway through the third wall I started having contractions which made completing the remaining wall a little more difficult! It was totally worth it.

When you sit in his room it is truly like being in a different world. You get to escape from the day to day things and remember what it's like to have an imagination and be a kid for a little while. My son, who is 9 months now, goes crazy over the animals when he's held up to them. He screams and laughs at them, but the Tiger is the only one he's kissed!

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by: Christine

You did such a great job! We absolutely love it! If you had a copy of the picture you projected I would love to get my hands on it! Love the idea but am not very artistic myself. If you do have any other pictures of the room or the images you projected I would really appreciate them cmledrew@gmail.com.

Do you have more pictures?
by: Michelle

I would love to see more pictures! I love this whole collection and I really want to do this for our baby's room. What site did you find your pictures from, or what item did you use for the designs? you can email me directly at mleebarrette@gmail.com if you have time or if anyone else has suggestions. Thanks so much!

by: Casey

I LOVE this idea. Its so cute. We are having a girl. Any ideas to go along with this with something more feminine?

Love it!
by: Andrea

I absolutely love what you have done and it is exactly what I have been picturing for ours! I would love to see more pictures if you have them - my husband and I are going to try and do the whole projector thing. I just hope it comes out looking half as good as yours!

by: Courtney

My husband found the picture online, I didn't trace it though - we printed it out and I free-handed the picture. We scanned it into the computer, I'll try to find it and add it.

by: Helen

Hi Christine.

Courtney painted characters from the Fisher Price Rainforest Baby Range on the wall. I don't know how she got them onto the projector sheets though. Maybe she traced them.

Courtney - we would love to know!

I love it
by: Christine

Where did you get the pictures for putting on the projector to put on the wall? I really want to do this for my twins room.

Thanks for Sharing Your Rainforest Nursery
by: Helen

I love the tiger - he's so cute!

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