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Raindrops and Dandelions Nursery

by Chelsea
(Saint Charles, IL)

Raindrops and Dandelions Nursery

Raindrops and Dandelions Nursery

Raindrops and Dandelions Nursery
Big sister looking in at her new baby sister

I knew I wanted to go with neutrals with pops of color. I just didn't know what colors or theme I really wanted to go with.

The stack of Raggedy Ann and Andy books that sit under the lamp are what originally started my whole thought process with the color theme of the nursery. I purchased those from the Goodwill and loved the way the peach and mint looked together.

After searching through tons of ideas on Pinterest, I somehow concluded that I wanted to incorporate raindrops, clouds, and dandelions. I didn't know exactly how it would all pan out, but that's what I loved about her nursery. All of the ideas fed off of each other.

What brand and color of paint did you use?

I used Benjamin Moore's springtime peach for the raindrops wall and the light gray is from the previous owners. I wanted to keep the room neutral, so the accent wall, peach colors, and mint colors would pop throughout the room.

If you added stripes, polka dots or other paint effects, tell us how you did it.

The raindrops were created from a stencil. I purchased the stencil on Etsy from justatracestencils.com. I have to be honest and say it took a lot longer than I anticipated. I thought I would be able to take the stencil off and immediately move on to the next section, but I had to wait for each area to dry before moving on to the next.

I used decorative craft paint from hobby lobby for the white and silver raindrops, which could have also been the reason it took so long to dry. I would do it again though, because I love the way it turned out.

What brand of crib did you buy? Where from?

The crib is from Restoration Hardware. My husband works for the company, so we LOVE the discount!!

What brand of nursery furniture did you choose? Where did you buy it?

The changing table is also from Restoration Hardware. I found the Shermag glider and ottoman on Craigslist. It is the most comfortable glider and best size for nursing mothers. I had an upholstered glider with my 1st child and although it is very comfortable, it is not the best for nursing. The arm rests are too high, whereas with the Shermag glider they are perfect.

What nursery bedding set did you use? Where did you buy it?

I purchased the Linen Ruche crib bedding from Target. I added the peach lace ruffle to the bottom of the crib skirt and I added peach and mint flowers to the quilt.

I used my daughters old mobile to create one that would match the colors and theme of Veralee's nursery. I purchased the peach fabric from Etsy and made the felt clouds with crystal raindrops.
The peach fabric is called Salt Water and was also used with the changing pad cover. I purchased the changing pad cover from NurseryDreams on Etsy as well.

Tell us about your window treatments, nursery lighting, rugs, wall decor and accessories. Where did you buy them - were any handmade?
I purchased the white ruffle curtains from Target and handmade the tissue tassle garland to hang on the top of it. This was inspired by a pin I found on pinterest.

I really wanted a shag rug, but wasn't happy to pay the price for what most 4x6 or 5x8 rugs cost. I found two 3x2 white shag rugs from Pier 1 imports and stitched them together to create one large rug. The

cost of a 5x8 shag rug from Pier 1 is $300, whereas the price for two small rugs is $50 total. It is so soft and serves as a great photo prop for Veralee's monthly shots.:)

As for the wall decor...
- The picture frames that hang on the raindrops wall are from the dollar store. I took mint green tissue and used mod podge to glue it around the outside of the frames. I originally had the tissue poofs hanging above the changing table, but it seemed like too much going on with the raindrops. I decided to use the 3 small umbrellas after finding them on a wholesale site for $3 a piece.

- The two shelves and mirrors that hang next to the windows are from the thrift store. It's amazing what you can find at the Goodwill!

- The mint frames that hang on the opposite sides of the crib are from Michaels. I purchase those types of frames pretty often, because they come unfinished, so you can paint them whatever color you want. I handmade the art on the inside of them and used photos that I found on the internet.

I purchased the side table from Target and my husband gave it an ombre effect with silver and white spray paint. The bookcase came from Target as well. I painted the inside of the book shelves with the peach paint.

How did you store all your baby goodies? In baskets, on shelves?

Most of the babies goodies are stored in the changing dresser, but toys and books are stored on the bookshelf. I did purchase baskets to store diapers and other baby products.

How long did it take you? Was it easy, fun, difficult? What was your favorite part?

It took me several months to complete the whole nursery. I had so much fun doing it! Although the raindrops wall turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated, it turned out to be a really beautiful focal point to the room. It is my favorite part of the whole room.

Did you do the entire nursery on your own or did someone help you? Who? What did they do?

I did the entire nursery on my own. However, I did enlist my husbands help for painting projects:).

What do you love most about your little one's finished baby room?

I think my favorite thing about this nursery is that it is so different from anything I have ever seen. The color theme is a bit more common, but the idea of having raindrops, clouds, and dandelions throughout isn't as common.

During my search for inspiration I found so many phrases like, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain," "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet," "Without rain there would be no rainbows," and "When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes."

The positive inspiration behind each of these phrases made me want to incorporate the rain and dandelions that much more. It made me think about the emotions one feels when having a baby. During the early months, life can seem like a storm, but like the quote says, "it's learning to dance in the rain." Not taking any part of the process for granted, because along the way we are all growing into better, stronger people. Without all the hardships, we wouldn't be able to see or embrace the joy a baby truly brings.

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