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Mom's Pregnancy Checklist

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A Pregnancy Checklist With Everything You Need to Make Your Pregnancy a Little Easier and Very Special

Pregnancy is such an exciting time, especially if it's your first.

Your body is changing, your emotions are up and down. A precious little creation has invaded your body and is taking over!

Selected with you in mind, each of the items on this list will help to make your pregnancy a little easier, or wonderfully special...

For your convenience, this pregnancy checklist is divided into the following categories:

Your Pregnancy Checklist For Making It A Little Easier

Despite the fact that you will be glowing and flitting around like a firefly after seeing those two precious lines on your home pregnancy test, you will soon realize that pregnancy can have its rather uncomfortable drawbacks.

Use the items on this pregnancy checklist, to minimize your discomfort and maximize your pleasure at carrying a new life around inside you.

vitamins 1. Pregnancy Vitamins

Your doctor should prescribe these - Make sure you take them. They're really important for baby's development, and for your continued well-being.

Enough said - I'm not a doctor, and I hate taking pills!

2. Great Recipes

During the next nine months you are going to get hungry - and I mean really hungry!

The old adage "eating for two" is no joke. There are times during your pregnancy when you really will be eating twice as much as normal.

The problem is, pregnant women aren't known to be overly relaxed when it comes to what's on the menu. Ever heard of "pregnancy cravings?"

During my four pregnancies my cravings ranged from chocolate ice-cream to piles of bananas, gallons of orange juice and big lumps of blue cheese - very unpredictable.

However, one thing that most women crave consistently throughout their pregnancies is comfort food - bread, pasta, pizza, mashed potatoes and choc chip cookies! And a trip to the local burger joint everyday just doesn't seem to fill the gap.

What you'll need is some good old fashioned home cooked comfort food, so start reading up about comfort food trends and recipes now!

I've found some delicious Italian pasta recipes to get you started.

{Leachco Back 'n belly Body Pillow}
leachco body pillow

3. A Back 'n Belly Contoured Body Pillow

This nifty invention is an absolute must on the pregnancy checklist - it's a lifesaver in your last trimester. Getting and staying comfortable during the night in the last stage of your pregnancy is somewhat of a challenge to say the least. Turning over under the duvet with a pillow behind your back and another between your knees is a real mission.

The body pillow solves this problem. From neck and back support, to padding between your knees, it's got everything you need on both sides - so you turn over and leave the pillow where it is - it's great! No more pillow fighting at 3am.

As an added bonus, you can use your pregnancy pillow as a nursing pillow afterwards!

Check out more Leachco Pregnancy Pillows...

4. A Wheat Bag

After four pregnancies, my wheat bag has become a firm best friend. An absolute must for easing all those minor aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

Whether it's your back, your neck or your feet, I can guarantee you, that at some point during these nine months, you are going to be glad of this little goody - It's a wonderful aid during labor too.

Which brings me to item number four on the pregnancy checklist:

5. A Birthing Ball

What can I say - I love mine! Primarily used as an aid during labor, it's also wonderful for backache during your pregnancy.

Sitting on the ball regularly during your last trimester can also help to encourage opening of the pelvis, ready for delivery.

As far as labor is concerned, if you are planning a natural birth, you absolutely must get one. Another one of my best friends!

(Note: Some hospitals have these in their labor wards - check before you get hubby to drag yours all the way there!)

If you don't have a birthing ball you can get one in almost any color from Amazon.com

maternity clothes 6. Maternity Clothes

Buy yourself a few well-fitting maternity outfits. Sure you can get by with hubby's T-shirts and sweats, but by the time you're ready to give birth, you'll feel more like a sack of potatoes than a woman.

A woman's pregnant body is a beautiful thing - you don't have to hide it under a sack.

Along similar lines...

7. Stretch Mark Cream

ointment The last thing you want at the end of your pregnancy is a bunch of stretch marks. You can minimize the chances of their occurrence by using a good cream or oil.

Use daily from around three months, or whenever your stomach stops rebelling from morning sickness.

It's a great idea to get hubby to rub the cream in. If he's not shy, he can talk to baby at the same time, and get used to the idea of being a dad.

And last, but not least, on the pregnancy checklist - a little easier department...

8. Baby Books And Magazines

When it comes to pregnancy, labor and birth, knowledge is power. The more informed you are, the more confident and relaxed you will be. And a relaxed mommy makes for a contented newborn.

It really is true - the more you stress during these nine months, the more your baby will fuss during the nine that follow - and you know what that means - no sleep - right?

Read as much as you can, and relax. Make this a time of joy to remember.

pregnancy without pounds Pregnancy without Pounds is an absolute must-have on the pregnancy checklist. It's my favorite guide for getting mom through pregnancy with as much health, vitality and energy as possible.

This wonderful ebook will gently provide you with all the practical advice you need to have a wonderful healthy pregnancy, free of aches and pains and as a bonus you'll have a sexy mommy body afterwards!

Get the full run-down here...

Other than that, if you're looking for a good book Amazon.com is the best place to go...

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Your Pregnancy Checklist For Making It Really Special

There are few things, if any, in this world that beat the wonder of bringing forth a new life...

No matter what you do during your pregnancy, you will think of it fondly during the years to come. But there are a few things you can do to enhance your memories and make your pregnancy unforgettable...

keepsake box 1. Make a Keepsake Box

It doesn't have to be fancy - even a decorated cardboard box will do. Just make sure you do it early, before you start losing things.

Into this little time-capsule, put every little reminder of your special baby-carrying months. (You can add keepsakes of baby's birth too if you like.)

  • Your home pregnancy test with the two lines - you won't want to forget that day!
  • The cork from the champagne you popped when you told your family the news. (It doesn't matter that you weren't allowed to drink any!)
  • Baby shower notes, cards, ribbons etc.
  • Prints of prenatal scans and photos of the pregnant mom.

Which brings me to my next item on the pregnancy checklist...

digital camera 2. Buy a Digital Camera

If you don't have one already - for taking pictures of the bump.

Try to co-ordinate your snapshots with your scan pictures. It's really fun to compare how you were looking inside and out on the same day.

pregnancy calendar 3. Find a Good Pregnancy Calendar

This online pregnancy calendar is a wonderful way to keep track of the changes taking place for both you and your baby. Receive a weekly e-mail in your inbox with information about what to expect during each week of your pregnancy - images too!

Another great idea, if you can find one, is a printable calendar with informative notes for each of the 40 weeks.

Hang it on your bedroom wall and record thoughts and events in the margins.

You'll know what to expect through each stage of your pregnancy, and it makes a delightful addition to your keepsake box after baby is born.

Next on the 'making it special' pregnancy checklist...

pregnancy journal 4. Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Again, it needn't be over the top. Some people are more into writing than others. If you are - go for it.

If not, just keep it nearby. You'll be surprised at what you'll jot down from time to time. Remember, those emotions are going to be rocking and rolling!

Speaking of rocking and rolling emotions, another item to add to your pregnancy checklist is a birth plan. It will keep your thoughts straight through all the emotional upheaval.

5. Create a Birth Plan

A good birth plan will address many important issues such as, where you will give birth; who will be your caregiver; who will support you in labor; which birth option you prefer and more.

Don't wait until the last minute to make all of the decisions that need to be made surrounding the birth of your baby. By the time you get to 36 weeks you really won't be thinking straight!

These issues are personal and the decisions are yours, but there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Make sure you have the information you need to make an informed choice for pregnancy and giving birth.

baby name wizard 6. Buy or Borrow a Good Baby Name Guide

- Earlier, rather than later. If you really want a stressful experience, you'll leave choosing a baby name for the last minute - not a good plan, I promise you.

A good old fashioned baby name guide is a wonderful little book to keep next to your bed. You never know when the perfect name will strike you, and you'll want to look it up with hubby straight away. (Be patient by the way. It will strike - sooner or later.)

Don't forget to check out our Top 100 Baby Name Guide here on this site.
We've included a few great tips for helping you to choose the right name for your baby.

{Angelsounds Fetal Doppler}
fetal doppler

7. Get Yourself a Fetal Doppler

A doppler is a clever little device that lets you tune in and listen to your little one's heartbeat. No more waiting for your OB/GYN appointment to hear that incredible sound.

Amazon.com has a great selection...

Did You Know?

Your baby's heartbeat will begin to beat at only five weeks old.
Isn't that amazing?

And the final candidate for my pregnancy checklist...

belly cast 8. Make a Belly Cast

You can buy a belly casting kit, or make your own from scratch, but this is a must do. What a perfect reminder of this wonderful time.

If you have other children, they may like to help you and hubby with this. They'll remember this experience for years to come.

Decorated belly casts make beautiful baby nursery decor too!

Follow our step by step instructions for making and decorating your own belly casting here...

teddy bears

Well, that's my pregnancy checklist. I hope it inspires you to make the most of this wondrous time.

Remember - this is your pregnancy - make it special for you!

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