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Peter Rabbit Nursery

by Kristin
(New Albany, Ohio)

Peter Rabbit Nursery

Peter Rabbit Nursery

Peter Rabbit Nursery

Both my husband and I read a great deal and wanted to do a nursery that was literary and not very common. We both loved Peter Rabbit growing up as kids and when I was 16 I received a stuffed peter rabbit when I was in the hospital. I knew from then on I wanted to do a Peter Rabbit nursery.

We used Behr's Linen White for three of the four walls and used Glidden's Guacamole as the accent wall.

We did a woodland mural in the green mentioned above. My husband created the silhouette, to scale, in PhotoShop and then we used a projector to project it on the wall and then traced it with green chalk. From there we filled it in with the green paint.

Our crib came from Sears and is called Dorel Vintage Estate. I couldn't believe the quality/reviews for the price. I also liked that it transitioned from a crib to a toddler's bed and eventually a full sized adult bed.

Our furniture came from all kinds of different places:

Our Bookshelf came from JCPenney's, our Glider came from Walmart, our changing table/dresser came from Overstock.com (as did our leaf lamp on the bookshelf), our floor lamp came from Home Depot and our baskets/hamper came from Bed Bath & Beyond.

We used the Peter Rabbit nursery theme from Pottery Barn Kids. I had been watching this collection even before I was pregnant because I knew when I had a baby I was going to do this theme. I noticed that they started discontinuing certain items so I ended up going to their outlet store and buying up everything they had left for half their original price! I lucked out because it looks like they are not bringing it back.
I got their bumper, crib sheet, table runner, curtains, valance and quilt.

I bought the Peter Rabbit canvas art at Pottery Barn Kids. The bookshelf light was something, that for some reason, took forever for me to find. I wanted something that wasn't your typical table lamp and that would match our theme. There wasn't all that much out there.

However, after hours of searching I found this lamp where the base looks like a tree branch

and there are very light leaves on the shade. This lamp came from Overstock.com. The floor/reading lamp came from Home Depot, and matches the color of our window hardware (a rubbed brass) that we purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond.

We purchased the clock and light switch cover (not shown) from a woman who hand-makes them on ebay. The letters in between the closet doors were bought from Michael's Craft Store and painted with the same green to match the walls.

Most of the items that we have so far are in the closet which has ample shelving and hanging space. The socks, diapers, wipes, etc. are in the dresser/changing table. We purchased a decorative wicker basket as the hamper and will be purchasing decorative canvas baskets to be put in the closet as well as the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

Our Peter Rabbit nursery was a project over time. Like I mentioned before I bought the linens even before I was pregnant. My husband and I are very much alike in the sense that once we start we keep going until the project is finished. So the painting took one weekend. I primed and taped off the walls on one day, the main painting took place on another day and the mural painting took place on a third day. We purchased the items over time but I would say it took us 2-3 weeks to complete the nursery.

It was a lot of fun doing the nursery. I have to admit that I had a hard time accepting my pregnancy and I wanted to do something that would get me excited. We ended up starting it when I was only about 15 or so weeks pregnant, which is usually considered early. However, looking back on it now when I am in my third trimester...

I can not imagine tackling that project now.

I love how well it came out. It was fun seeing it come to life...

seeing something that you only saw in your mind for so long become a reality. I was just happy that it looked as good as I had imagined. And in all actuality I love how excited it made me to bring Noah home.

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Mural file?
by: Zoe

Hello, I absolutely love this mural and think I'm probably late in asking but does anyone have this file and willing to share it? I would love this for my first little ones nursery, due in March :)

Love this
by: Zoe

Does anyone have this mural file? Rather late in asking I suspect but worth a try! Absolutely love this for my little ones nursery. Due in March.

mural file
by: Anonymous

I am also looking for the mural file if anyone has it!

looking for mural file
by: Anonymous

Was anyone ever able to reach Kristin to get the mural file? I tried to email her today and her email doesn't work. If anyone could email me the mural file I would really appreciate it. We are due in February 2013 and I am trying to get his nursery finished. Thanks so much.

File information
by: Helen

Kristin has kindly given her email address. You can contact her for more information.


by: Anonymous

My wife and I are expecting our first kid in march. I really like this theme is there any way i could get a copy of the file or does anyone know where I could find one. Thank you and have a wonderful day. Btgolubski@yahoo.com

Mural Response
by: Kristin

He did it to scale in PhotoShop, and then when we put it on the projector we just blew it up so that it spanned the whole wall.

My email is kristin_kenily@hotmail.com if you would like me to send you the mural file, as long as it isnt too big.

Thanks everyone!

The mural is wonderful
by: Anonymous


I live in England and wanted to just say I love love love your mural!

I can't draw at all so it seems a good idea but can I ask did your husband draw it out miniature first then use the projector to make it life size?

Would he consider selling me the drawing for a modest fee as I love it so much as it is?

Ann-Marie ( due in March)

Thanks for Sharing Your Peter Rabbit Nursery
by: Helen

Your nursery is just lovely - I love the silhouette mural and the colors are perfect!

Love This Set!
by: Anonymous

Aww...it's so cute! My husband and I are expecting our first child and we absolutely love this. The only problem is that it's 'no longer available' and I can't even find it on Ebay (except for the sheets). If you're ever willing to sell, would you let us know? LOL Thanks!!!

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