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Tips For Deciding Which Nursery Theme Is Best For You

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Find Out How To Choose The Best Nursery Theme For Your Baby Room. Read This Before You Dig Through The Hundreds Of Nursery Ideas On This Site

Choosing a nursery room theme for your new baby nursery is so exciting. it's a decision filled with the anticipation and wonder of a new life about to be born.

But indecision over this important issue can really ruin your decorating mood. So on this page I've put together a few tips to help you to narrow down your choices.

Read this before you dive headlong into the plethora of nursery ideas and baby room themes on this site...

A Few Baby Room Theme Tips

  • Do You Know The Gender Of Your Baby?
    • If you are having a baby girl go to the baby girl nursery themes section.
    • If you are having a little boy check out the baby boy nursery section.
    • Otherwise start off by visiting the neutral baby room themes section.

      This is the place to go if you are keeping the gender of your baby a surprise, if you need a nursery room theme that will work for a baby and toddler of opposite genders sharing a room, or if you are having twins of opposite genders. (Congratulations! Don't forget to check out our twin baby room ideas section.)

  • Do You Have A Color Preference For Your Nursery Room?

    smart tip

    When choosing your baby room colors make sure to take the following into account:
    • The color of your nursery furniture if you already have it.
    • The size of your baby room - the smaller the room the lighter the colors should be.
    • Your nursery decorating style - pastels with cottage, brights with modern etc. Find out more about nursery decorating styles here.
    If you already know what colors you want in your baby room but you're not sure about the theme, keep your color scheme in mind as you browse the baby room themes listed on this site.

    Certain nursery room themes will be a perfect match for your chosen nursery colors while others won't work at all. Your color scheme will help you to narrow down your choices.

    Click here for more information about baby nursery colors.

  • How Ambitious Are You Feeling?

    Are you up to painting a full-scale nursery mural, or does the thought of artwork make you cringe? Maybe you're well into your third trimester and you have a tummy like a melon!

    If you don't want to do too much work you should bear this in mind when you choose your nursery theme. Think about what nursery decor elements you will use to bring the theme alive in your baby room.
    smart tip
    Remember you can always get a professional to paint your nursery wall mural for you.

  • How Creative Are You Feeling?

    Do you want your baby nursery to be a one-of-a-kind wonderland? Or are you content with an out-of-the-box baby nursery option?

    The more original you want your nursery design to be, the more DIY nursery decorating and mixing and matching you will have to do. (Don't worry, it's great fun once you get into it!)

    Unfortunately, only the most popular nursery themes make it into the big baby stores. Even the many online baby boutiques only have a limited selection. So if you want a good selection of ready-made nursery decor this will narrow down your options.

    If ready-made is the route you want to follow visit the baby nursery theme decor supplies section for a list of online baby stores with the best themed nursery decor selections.

  • Do You Like Nursery Decorating?

    If you do that's great - if not you need to think ahead.

    One day in the not too distant future, your yet-to-be-born dumpling will become a mischievous, tinkering toddler with ideas of his own. Will he be staying in the same room or will he be moving to another room to make space for the next baba?

    If he's staying, will he still like the nursery theme you have chosen when he is three or four or will it be too babyish?

    If he is moving and the new baba is moving in, will the baby room theme accommodate your new baby if it is of the opposite gender? Maybe you should go for a gender neutral baby room theme or even a baby nursery in neutral colors with small feminine or masculine accents that can be easily and inexpensively changed later.

    These thoughts also apply if your budget is limited. Redoing a baby room or toddler room from scratch can get quite pricey.

  • Will Your New Baby Be Sharing The Nursery Room With a Sibling?

    As mentioned above, some baby nursery themes are really too babyish for a toddler just beginning to find him or herself. On the other hand, some toddler themes are just too bright and busy for a new born baby.

    If your new baby will be sharing a room with an older sibling, look for a nursery theme that provides a happy medium for both children.

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Have I given you a few things to think about? Go to the nursery theme list of your choice and start narrowing down your options... Or go to ideas for developing your own baby room themes if you want to do something original.

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