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How To Use Nursery Rugs

To Complete Your Nursery Theme

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Great Ideas for Nursery Decorating Using Themed Nursery Rugs. Tips for Choosing the Coolest Themed Baby Room Rugs

Themed nursery area rugs are an easy and inexpensive way to add creative themed decor to your baby nursery. They are available in hundreds of different sizes, shapes and colors to coordinate with almost any theme imaginable.

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Here are a few things to bear in mind when adding a themed baby room rug to your baby's special space...

Theme Decorating With Nursery Rugs Step-By-Step:

Choosing The Right Themed Rug

The number one rule in baby nursery decorating is to avoid the cluttered feeling created by making the room too busy.

Too much themed nursery decor is the quickest way to ruin your nursery design.

There are basically three types of themed rugs for the nursery:

nursery rug

Large area rugs covered in a theme picture with or without a border.

nursery rug

Large area rugs with a themed border and solid center.
nursery rug

Small accent themed rugs.

The trick is knowing which of these rugs is the best one to use in which baby room. Follow these guidelines when deciding which of the many available nursery rugs you should go for.

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When To Use A Large Area Rug

With A Themed Center

Nursery rugs such as these should be used as the focal point for the nursery room. This means using fairly plain bedding and window treatments. They can still be themed, but not with a heavy pattern.

As soon as there is something else in the baby nursery drawing attention to the eye, the rug will give the room a busy feeling. The smaller the baby nursery, the more evident this will be.

If you use a large themed area rug, make sure that, in addition to fitting your theme, it picks up your color scheme accurately.

Never add the wrong rug to the room for the sake of maintaining your nursery theme.

If you cannot find a baby room rug in the right theme, with colors to match your nursery color scheme, leave it. Rather choose a solid or patterned nursery area rug in neutral shades or an accent color. Use other decor elements to consolidate your nursery theme.

Alternatively, if you have seen a themed rug that you absolutely must have, build your baby nursery design around it. Choose your color scheme by picking up two or three colors from the rug.

When To Use A Large Area Rug With A Themed Border

These rugs work well if you have decorated your baby nursery walls with murals or wall stickers. A full themed rug would often be too much in this instance.

A rug with a solid center in a neutral or accent color with a themed border is just what you need to pull the room together.

Try to find a rug with a border that picks up on an element of the wall mural. This will help to balance your design.

These rugs also work well if you have used a wall border. Use the border on the rug to bring out the detail in the wall border and to balance the room.

As with large themed rugs, finding the right accent color and border together can be a challenge. You could look for a bordered rug in a neutral color, or stick with a solid or patterned nursery area rug as explained above.

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When To Use Small Accent Nursery Rugs

baby nursery
These rugs are great for adding the finishing touch to your baby nursery. They work best on their own or if your main nursery area rug is in a neutral color.

If you have a large themed or accent colored rug already in the baby nursery, your accent rug will tend to get "lost". The exception to this is if you have a large baby nursery and are using the two rugs in separate areas.

teddy bears
Small accent rugs are for decor purposes only. They do not provide the many benefits of larger nursery area rugs.
Try to anchor your small rug by placing it close to an item of baby furniture, for example, at the end of the baby crib.

A small baby room rug in the middle of the room floats and looks lost. It's also just waiting to be tripped over.

teddy bears

Nursery decorating with themed nursery rugs can be great fun!

nursery rugs

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