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The Best Baby Cribs For Your Little One

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Extensive Information to Help You Choose the Best Baby Cribs for Your Baby, Including Info on Crib Types, Features, Price and Crib Safety...

Not too many years ago, choosing baby cribs was a relatively simple process. There was the traditional crib, or, the traditional crib!

However, with the large range of styles and brands currently available, making a decision on the best crib for your baby is somewhat akin to running a marathon...

It takes a while, and if you don't follow the route markers, you're going to get lost!

With the information on this page, I hope to provide you with the route markers you'll need, not only to end up in the right place, but also to arrive with your sanity intact!

A good, safe crib is one of those real baby nursery essentials. Do your homework and take your time choosing the best baby crib for your precious baby.

baby cribs

Baby Cribs: Types and Styles

First you need to decide on the best baby crib type for your nursery style and budget.

Each crib type is available in various styles and finishes, with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Different brands bring their own individual look to each crib style.

Brands differ in terms of price, quality, safety standards and warranties, as well as distribution methods.

Higher prices are usually due to the quality of materials used and the extent to which the crib has been handmade.

So let's take a gentle jog past some of our route markers (Click on the links for more information about each crib type...)

  • The Standard Baby Crib is the most common and popular baby crib type; standard cribs come in a variety of styles, prices ranges and finishes to suit any baby nursery.

  • The Jenny Lind Crib is a beautiful, classic baby crib with turned spindles and legs. One of the best baby crib types for vintage nursery decor or shabby chic nursery.

  • The Round Baby Crib is a good option if you are looking for something a little different. Round cribs give your baby a 360 degree view and they look stunning. They work best in a larger baby nursery where they can be placed in the center of the room to show them off, but they can also be placed in one corner or along one of your nursery walls.

  • The Iron Baby Crib is similar to the standard crib but made of metal rather than wood. Iron cribs are very elegant but pricey. They come in the round shape too and are very popular with celebrity moms.

  • The Convertible Baby Crib is also known as the 3-in-1, 4-in-1 or Lifetime crib. There are many different brands and styles available. A convertible baby crib is a sensible long term investment that converts to a toddler bed as your baby grows. You'll pay a bit more upfront but you'll save later.

  • Mini Cribs are smaller than a standard crib and are one of the best baby cribs to look at if you have a small nursery room.

  • Cribs for Twins are specially designed to accomodate two little ones. If you are having twins, this group of baby cribs is well worth looking at.

  • The Contemporary Crib adds clean modern lines to your nursery design. If you're planning a modern nursery this maybe the way to go.

  • The Canopy Crib is available in round , standard, iron and convertible crib categories. A canopy baby crib adds drama and intrigue to a designer baby nursery and is a fascinating diversion for your inquisitive infant.

  • panda

    Did You Know?

    That over 90% of new bedroom furniture is made using medium density fiberboard (MDF)? This material outgases toxic chemicals like formaldehyde for years.

    When you put your baby in a crib that is made of MDF or is coated in a non-organic finish you are putting him or her into a chemical factory.

    Many crib manufacturers claim their cribs are made of natural wood; however, they often have drawers or other parts that are made of particleboard or veneers that can cause out gassing of chemicals. Some also claim that their cribs have a non-toxic finish when they really allow polyurethane coatings, varnishes and stains that may be harmful to your baby over time.

    Consider buying an Organic crib to keep your precious one safe from harmful chemicals.

  • The Hand Painted Crib is another fairly pricey option, but it makes a fabulous addition to any nursery especially if you are planning to decorate with a nursery theme.

  • The Organic Crib is the best baby crib to buy if you want to create an eco-friendly baby room. Organic cribs are made from sustainable natural hardwoods using natural products that do not emit any toxic gases into your baby's environment.

  • Lastly, The Short-Term Baby Crib

    This very useful group of cribs includes:
All great for moving your baby around the home with you when they are small. They can sleep in your room too.

Baby Crib Finishes

crib finishes

Cribs are made of either wood or metal and come in a wide variety of finishes.

Wood is warm and comes in white and espresso and everything inbetween...

Iron is elegant and sophisticated and is available in antique white, gold, slate, and almost any other color you can think of...

With all the choices out there, it's hard to know which is the best baby crib finish for your baby nursery.

If you need some help, click here for a few pointers...

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More Factors to Consider When Choosing

the Best Baby Cribs For Your Little One

So, what other factors should you consider when you are out looking for the best baby crib for your little one?

  • Baby Crib Safety

    This is your first priority. Babies spend 60-70% of their first year in their crib. It's up to you to make sure they sleep safely. It is essential to ensure that the crib furniture you decide on, meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards for crib safety as an absolute minimum.

  • Design Features of Baby Cribs

    The best baby cribs include features designed to make life easier for Mom - and that's always good news - right? These features include:

    • Drop-down rails on one or both sides of the crib.
      You should be able to lower and raise the side rail easily, preferably with one hand. Remember you will often be carrying your baby at the same time. Also, make sure that there are locking mechanisms to prevent accidental release of the rails.

    • An adjustable mattress support.
      Most baby cribs offer more than one mattress level, some models have as many as four. The highest level is great for when your baby is tiny. It's easier to pick her up without straining your back. Once your baby starts to move around, you will need to lower the mattress.

    • Drawers underneath the crib.
      If you have limited space to work with this is a great storage bonus - you can never have enough nursery storage with a new born - they seem to need so much stuff!

    • Rolling casters.
      Wheels make it much easier to move your baby crib around, even into another room if you want to. (Also much easier for cleaning!) Make sure that at least two of the wheels have locks and try to go for metal wheels rather than plastic as they are more durable.

    • Teething rails.
      Some cribs come with this feature, but if your crib doesn't you can always buy one separately.

  • Quality Baby Cribs and Your Budget

    teddy bears

    If you are considering a used crib, please be aware that the CPSC advises against this, due to the safety hazards associated with them.


    Sorry - I had to mention the dreaded "B" word sometime!

    The price of a crib can range from as little as $100, to more than a few thousand. If your budget is tight, there are numerous discount baby crib options available. Find out how to buy the best baby cribs at the best prices here....

    Your baby's crib, however, is an investment and should be seen as such. There are several advantages to spending a little more and buying the best baby crib you can afford.

    • The more expensive cribs are made of good quality, long-lasting hardwood.
    • They are beautifully crafted, and will be the focal point of your baby's nursery. (The higher crib cost will be off-set by the money you save by not buying expensive frilly crib bedding to make the crib look good.)
    • The crib will be passed down from sibling to sibling, even to the next generation. And, if you choose a good quality convertible baby crib, your baby will still be using it when the time for college comes around!
    • The better the quality of the crib, the more sturdy and secure it is and, therefore, the safer it is likely to be. The crib is the only place where you will leave your baby alone for any length of time. It is of paramount importance that your baby should sleep safely.

  • Odds and Ends

    To help Dad out, you should make sure that replacement parts for the baby crib are readily available. Also make sure that the crib comes with decent assembly instructions. If Dad isn't too much of a handyman, these will prove invaluable!

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Accessories for Baby Cribs

For peace of mind, consider buying an organic crib mattress.

Synthetic mattresses are not only made from low-quality materials such as PVC, polyester and foam but are typically coated with flame-retardant chemicals (PBDEs) that can be very dangerous for your infant's health.

More about baby crib mattresses...

Click here to read my story.
Even after spending hours choosing the best baby crib for your little one it will only be as good as the accessories that go with it, the most important of these being the baby crib mattress...

Please do your homework in this area, as the use of unsafe mattresses, has been stated as one of the possible causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Read about crib mattress safety here...

In addition you need to make sure that the crib bedding and bumpers you are using are safe...

teddy bears

It is my hope that the information on these pages will help you to choose the best baby crib for your little one.

Try to have your crib set-up and ready in your baby nursery by two months before your due date. Newborns are not well known for arriving on time. While some seem to love hanging around inside you, others can't wait to get out - it's best to be ready!

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Please be aware that the baby cribs information provided by Creative Baby Nursery Rooms is for the purpose of helping you to decide on the best crib for you. Upon making your choice, it is your responsibility to ensure that your preferred baby crib adheres to the CPSC standards in crib safety.

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