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Choose Your Baby Room Furniture In Five Easy Steps

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There is Loads of Baby Room Furniture to Choose From. Find Out How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Baby Nursery Design...

Filling your nursery with beautiful baby furniture is usually very exciting. There's something about the delivery of your baby crib that makes everything seem so real all of a sudden...

Wow - there's actually a baby on the way!

However, in amongst all the excitement you may be feeling a mild - or not so mild - panic setting in.

What if you buy the wrong crib? What if the furniture you buy won't fit in the room? What if it's too dark, too crowded, too small?

These are all normal concerns.

If these are your concerns, follow the steps on this page to make sure you get the right baby room furniture for you.

Step 1:

Decide What You Need

There are loads of baby room furniture options out there but you really don't need them all. Working out which furniture items are necessities and which are nice-to-haves is the first step in your decision making process.

In order to have a fully functioning comfortable baby room you will need the following:

Step 2:

Shop For The Basics

The next step is to find the above items of baby room furniture in a color and style that you like.

Here are a few things to think about when choosing your nursery furniture items:

Converting For Toddlers

If you plan to convert your baby nursery to a toddler's room later, bear the following in mind:

  • Consider a convertible baby crib that will grow with your baby.
  • Think about buying a dresser with a changing tray attachment. This can be removed when you no longer need it, leaving you with a functional dresser for your growing toddler's room.
  • Try to invest in multi-purpose furniture that your growing toddler will love, rather than 'boring' furniture that they won't. For example:

There are plenty of ways to make a room potentially interesting for a toddler. Believe me they make it pretty easy!


Color and Style

Decide what color and style of baby room furniture you prefer. Are you thinking of decorating a baby nursery in a cottage look or do you prefer the clean lines of a modern nursery? Have you thought about the benefits of an eco friendly, green baby nursery?

Find out more about baby room furniture colors here.


Space In Your Baby Room

If you are short on space in your baby nursery, consider using space saving furniture options such as folding rocking chairs and mini cribs.

See our unique nursery furniture space saving ideas for practical ways to make the most of your nursery space...


The Budget!

If your budget is giving you nightmares, there are lots of ways to save. Check out these great ideas for saving money with discount baby cribs and discount baby furniture before you start shopping.

Step 3:

Draw A Preliminary Floor Plan

Design a preliminary floor plan including your baby crib and must-have baby nursery furniture items that you have chosen. (I've found a really nifty tool to make this step a snap!)

Find out how to draw floor plans for your baby nursery here...

Drawing a floor plan will help you to identify any empty spaces in your baby room. You may want to add extra baby room furniture items for extra functionality and storage. See step 4.

Step 4:

Add Some Extras

If you have floor space and budget left, decide which other furniture items you would like to include in your baby nursery.

For your convenience I have included a list of other available baby nursery furniture items here with links to the best places to buy them:

Find out more about these other nursery furniture items here...

Step 5:

Finalize Your Floor Plan

Add your extra baby room furniture items to your floor plan.

teddy bears

And you're done!

Now you know what baby room furniture you want get ready for the shopping spree you've been waiting for.

If your feet and back are aching, consider shopping online at my favorite baby nursery decor stores. Save your energy for the decorating fun still to come...

baby furniture stores

If you can't find what you're looking for, search here:

our favorite nursery decor and gear our favorite baby stores and boutiques our favorite nursery bargains

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