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Baby Nursery Lighting Ideas

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Ideas to Help You Decide What Baby Nursery Lighting You Need and the Best Way to Include It in Your Nursery Design...

Baby lighting is an important consideration in planning your baby nursery design. Good light placement can make the difference between happy feet and stubbed toes - especially in the middle of the night.

The right level of lighting at the right time is also an essential element in establishing your new born's sleep routine - and we all know how important that is - right?

There are plenty of nursery lighting options available, but before you dive in and spend more of your ever dwindling nursery room budget, take a few minutes to plan the nursery lighting you need...

Establishing Your Baby Nursery Lighting Needs

During baby's first year you will need to provide a wide range of nursery lighting. Choose at least one option from each of the following categories to make sure you have everything covered...

Ambient Lighting

This type of nursery light brightens the whole baby room.

nursery chandeliers
Choose from among the following:
  • Nursery chandeliers
  • Mini chandeliers
  • Hanging nursery lamps
  • Recessed baby ceiling lights
  • Ceiling Medallions
  • Wall baby lamps
  • Wall sconces
  • Kids' ceiling fans

Click here to find out more about nursery chandeliers and other baby ceiling lights.

Area Lighting

Area baby lights are for specific tasks such as feeding and diaper changing. You will want to shed light on a small area, for example the baby changing table or the feeding area, without flooding the entire room with light. The idea is to keep baby in a sleepy state!

These are among your options:
  • Directable wall sconces
  • Table nursery lamps
  • Baby floor lamps
  • Floor chandeliers

Click here to find out more about baby lamps for your nursery room.

Subdued Nursery lighting

Soft nursery light is essential for moving around the baby nursery at night without waking your sleeping baby and without stubbing your toes.

Here are some ideas:
{CloudB Twilight Ladybug}
constellation night lights

  • Dimmer switch
  • Plug-in night lights
  • Night light lamps
  • Light shows
  • Constellation night lights
  • Teddy night lights
  • Fairy lights
  • Paper lanterns
  • A monorail with night light pendants

Click here to find out more about nursery night lights.

En Route Lighting

Don't underestimate the value of a dim glow to light your path between your bedroom and baby's nursery. It's bad enough having to get up three times a night without having to wander around in the dark!

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Decide Where to Put Your Baby Nursery Lighting

Baby nursery lights form part of your overall baby nursery design, therefore, the best way to decide where to put them is to look at your floor plan.

Here are a few things to consider:
  • Always take infant safety into account. Trailing cords and wobbly baby lamps are dangerous. Click here for more baby nursery lighting safety recommendations.
  • Make sure you include area lighting near the baby changing area for midnight clothes changes and diaper checks.
  • Make sure you have soft lighting near your nursery rocking chair for feeding and story time snuggles.
  • Check to see whether or not you have enough wall sockets for your planned nursery lighting options. Are the sockets conveniently located? If not you may want to install more.
    • Remember to avoid trailing cords across the nursery room floor.
    • Sockets for baby lamps should be close to where you intend to place your nursery table or shelving, but far enough from the crib for the lamp to be out of baby's reach.
    • Sockets for plug-in nursery night lights should not be close to the crib or at baby's eye-level
  • Decide whether or not you need to run extra wiring for baby wall lamps or sconces or a nursery chandelier.

nursery design guide

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