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Baby Lighting on a Budget

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Great Ways to Save Money on Baby Lighting if Your Nursery Budget is Straining at the Seams...

By the time you get around to choosing from the many baby lighting options available, your originally robust nursery budget may be taking some strain. If you need some relief on your pocket, consider these money saving alternatives...

Here are a few ideas:
  • Combine all of your nursery lighting needs by using nursery chandeliers and other baby ceiling lights and installing a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches are more functional and less expensive than nursery night lights and allow you to adjust the level of light in the room according to your needs. I have one in Sarah's room and it works like a dream.

  • A directable wall sconce can pull double duty as ambient and area lighting.

  • Combine your area and subdued nursery lighting requirements by buying a nursery lamp with a built in nursery night light. Nursery lamp / night light combos also do two jobs in one.

  • Consider simple, non-decorative plug-in night light units. These are less expensive than decorative nursery lamps and you can source them from the bargain sections. Place your light somewhere discreet where it will not be noticed.

  • Shop in the budget department for basic nursery lighting fixtures and do them up yourself.
    • Simple wooden table lamps or floor lamps can be beautifully painted to match your nursery decor.
    • A basic colored nursery shade can be spruced up with fabric paints and fabric cutouts, or you can make your own from scratch.
    • A plain ceiling fan can be decorated with stickers and paints.
    • Pick up an old lamp in need of a face lift from a yard sale. Recover the shade and paint the base - voila, a brand new lamp!

  • Use old baby lighting fixtures you are no longer using.
    • Old kids ceiling fans can be redecorated giving them a new lease on life.
    • Similarly old lamp stands can be refurbished and jazzed up with new nursery lamp shades.
    • You can even recover an old lamp shade if you have one lying around.

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